Top 5 Subscribed Social Media/Inbound Marketing Blogs

1. Meltwater Social Media Blog

I subscribed to this blog for several reasons     meltwater

  • It is very well organized
  • It is very attention getting
  • Very user friendly
  • It has an emphasis on social media marketing, however also covers some news and current events such as “Deflategate”, and the Australian Open.

This Mixture of the topic I need to learn and the views on current events, this blog will keep me informed and up to date.


This blog has a lot to offer readers                          Soshable-Logo-2-01

  • It has Big visual images to attract the reader and draw them in
  • Good use of white space making it easier to read and skim
  • Excellent content with very specific ideas on social media 
  • Offers A lot of informative and How-to posts

This is a very smart, well written blog that gives great current information

3. The Moz Blog

The Moz Blog is a different kind of blog, but it’s unique in a good waymoz

  • This blog has a collection of works from many different bloggers
  • Anyone can contribute so there are many different sources and viewpoints (which could also be potentially negative)
  • It is not JUST about social media marketing, but the business world in general
  • Also a subscription service that helps you rank higher in search engines, improve brand awareness, as well as social media outreach.

Since information comes from so many sources on this blog, it is easier to keep up with everything without narrowing focus too much

4. The Impact Blog

I subscribed to this blog for its focus on inbound marketing           inbound-marketing-logo-appleicon-144

  • It has award-winning content (named best inbound content by hubspot) 
  • It has categories of posts for different areas of inbound marketing (Strategy, Getting Found, Sales, etc.)
  • Posts written by a few different experts from sales and marketing fields
  • Readers can request a free consultation to help overcome their companies challenges in inbound marketing

This blog is helpful because it is written by experts for non-experts

5. Lynton Web Inbound Marketing

This blog is useful and relatable because it informs the reader on inbound marketing by using examples and focusing on the highlights           LyntonWeb_Logo_Blue_300dpi_small

  • It informs by using current real-life examples (New Years, the Superbowl, etc)
  • Has a section called “Inbound Marketing Highlights”, these posts give quick, easy information and links to learn more
  • Also helps inform on website design, and information on how to get in touch with an expert
  • It is teamed up with hubspot, a big inbound marketing company

This blog is helpful for marketing reasons, and also to help build a real, and professional website.

For more information use the links and subscribe yourself!


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