Why is Inbound Marketing Important?

Inbound Marketing is important for four reasons: it is convenient for customers, it can grow your business substantially, it is usually cheaper than traditional marketing, and these days, a company may not survive without it.

      1. It Is Convenient For Customers

  • By having customers come to you, (as opposed to going out and finding them) the customer doesn’t feel inconvenienced because their schedule doesn’t get interrupted by unwanted ads
  • Customers and visitors do not feel as pressured to buy products or services as they might under traditional outbound marketing
  • Online channels for customers are usually very easy to use and easy to get back to as a return customer (subscriptions, accounts, etc.)
  • Customers can also easily find out what other people think about the company, their website, their products, blog, etc. through online comments and conversations within social media and the blogosphere  online

    2. It Can Grow Your Business Substantially 

  • Having a positive online image/presence can boost your company in many areas, increased public image and reputation, increased brand recognition, and increased viewership
  • The more people who view your content on social media or company website, the more leads and potential customers you can get.
  • The bigger presence you have on social media the more likely your content is to go viral, which could lead to exponential growth for viewers and customers
  • Having a good website is crucial these days, a company without a good, user friendly, website will find it very hard to continue to grow and increase sales   growth

      3. It Is Usually Cheaper Than Traditional Marketing

  • With inbound marketing the company can focus on online marketing and cut the costs of buying a TV or radio spot, or printing out so many print or direct mail ads
  • It is also much easier to get free advertising online, when people share a social media post or a blog online to their friends, that is just a free bonus way to spread content faster and to a wider audience.
  • You can cut down marketing costs to focus basically on online social media placement ads, SEO, and website design and updates     money

      4. These Days, A Company, May Not Survive Without It

  • In the online, mobile, fast-paced world we live in, the only way to survive is to be online, and keep up with the times
  • More and more people will continue to live online, meaning shopping, interacting, socializing, and communicating online, if you do not have a large online presence, you may not survive
  • There are no longer any large companies that do not have some sort of online presence, particularly on social media       presence

Inbound Marketing is important so get out there, get online, get found and keep attracting new customers!


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