How To Utilize Proper Facebook Strategy

Proper Facebook strategy can be broken down into two categories: Page Features and Page Posts. Doing both of these well can optimize your business Facebook page and attract the most followers.

1. Page Features (What you can have on your page)    download (2)

  • Always utilize all of the features that are offered by Facebook to complete your page
  • Add an intriguing, attention-getting, important cover photo. This is the first thing visitors will see when arriving on your page
  • Use the About tab to inform visitors on important facts about the company (address, contact info, hours, description, etc)
  • Use some Apps that Facebook offers for Business pages, these can include Inviting friends, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Blogs, Events, Photos, Videos, Reviews and more.
  • Contests are another option for pages to utilize, contests can bring back previous visitors who want to enter, and also catch the attention of brand new visitors, increasing brand awareness and followers.
  • Facebook ads are another powerful tool for a business to have. These ads can be specifically targeted towards a custom audience, and show up in their newsfeed on desktop and/or mobile. Ads can be targeted by Geography, language, age, gender, and many more.

2. Page Posts (What you put on your page)

  • The different types of posts include Status (text only), Link (takes visitor to another related page), Photo/Video, Photo Album, Offer (special deal or coupon), Event (where and when), and Milestone (A key moment in time for the company).
  • To continue growing awareness and brand recognition, business pages should post often, up to 2-3 times a day (varying types of posts).
  • Ask questions to engage followers and create direct communication between the company and its customers.
  • Include a call to action to help your followers understand what to do next.
  • Use more fun and helpful posts then sales posts to not inconvenience or put pressure on followers (80-20 rule).
  • Always attempt to gain more followers because the more followers the better. keep followers interested and engaged in the page to bring them back again and again.
  • Change types of posts often, but stick mostly to the ones that require the least attention and are easy to skim through like videos, albums, offers, but most of all PICTURES, they are the easiest to view and are effective in getting a message across to your followers.               download (1)

Always get the most out of available Facebook page features and page posts, engage directly with customers, and continue to bring them back while drawing in new visitors!


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