How to Effectively Use Email for Marketing

Email Marketing can be an effective tool to bring in new visitors, get your brand name out there, and to increase sales. There are pros and cons to email marketing, but if done properly, it can be an asset. There are also different types of marketing emails, and things you should know about, as far as content goes.


  • It is easy to reach your intended audience, in a timely appropriate manner, while delivering the right message.
  • Email marketing is an effective sales driver
  • Email is typically more effective than social media marketing because it seems more personal
  • It is cheaper than many other traditional marketing channels

Cons:                                                                     pros

  • It may be more effective than social media, but it is less effective than many other forms of marketing as well
  • People usually do not want to open/read sales emails, so deliverability is an issue
  • Retaining subscribers can be tricky and time consuming
  • Challenging to integrate email with other data systems (social media, website forms, etc.)

Types of Marketing Emails:                                                email

  • Newsletters-Contains purposed, diverse content, and creates anticipation in readers
  • Digests– Similar to Newsletters easy to consume, and can be sent to different target audiences
  • Dedicated Email– “Stand- Alone Emails”, contain only one offer, and easy to design and build
  • Lead Nurturing– Time oriented, based on new leads, can be a high return on a low investment
  • Sponsorship Emails– Paid to be included in another vendor’s newsletter, has an exact ROI
  • Transnational Emails-Triggered by specific actions of contacts, high click through rate

Good Marketing Emails Should Contain…                             checklist

  • A strong subject line– One that is clear, direct, and attention-getting, this is the first thing someone sees when receiving an email. 50 characters or less, use urgent and exciting language
  • Company branding– Always include images that help develop your brand.Email design should match brand images
  • Personalized content– Mention the person’s first name to make them feel special and increase your CTR
  • Appropriate Segment– To optimize deliverability and CTR, use demographics and buying history to format the email’s content
  • Proposed value– Always be clear and direct about what the offer is, and what they will be getting. Add statistics, bullets, and visuals to make the email easier to read and follow.
  • Call to action– Add a link to your call to action to start the process, place it towards the top of the email, and always have a single conversion goal.

So, before sending a marketing email, make sure the pros outweigh the cons, decide what type of email to send, and always include the above elements!


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