How to Properly use Twitter for Business

Twitter is one of the biggest, fastest growing social media sites in the world, it is a platform for real-time “micro-blogs” consisting of 140 characters or less, making it quick and easy to use. But, how can it be used for business and marketing?

Customizing your Twitter Page

  • Make sure the header of your page catches the visitor’s eye, and that it matches the image/personality of the company.
  • When filling out the bio, make sure to use strong and clear language as well as good keywords.
  • Make sure to create a call to action and a link to your company website.
  • Take advantage of the profile picture being the first thing people see, as well as it taking up a lot of room, make it effective and associated with the business.
  • Create a custom background that includes branding images and logos, as well as key information such as phone number, Facebook page, promos, etc.                                          twitter

Twitter Best Practices

  • Always follow important influencers and customers, as well as people who tweet your content. (also retweet these people when appropriate).
  • Write approximately 20 tweets or more per day
  • Do not  make all tweets about business, be mostly friendly and conversational, also try to make posts shareable.
  • Follow the 4-1-1 rule of four pieces of content from others, 1 relevant retweet, and one self-serving tweet.
  •  Try to create discussions and conversations by commenting and replying to tweets directed to you, or tweets that are relevant to you.
  • Favorite and bookmark important tweets to save them                         twitter-favorite

Using Twitter to Promote 

  • Include links in your tweets, link to your blog posts, or YouTube videos, as well as to your other social media platforms (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc).
  • Create premium content and link to it on Twitter
  • Utilize Twitter to promote events, create a hashtag for the event, ask others to tweet it during the event. Also create a tweet schedule to drive attendance, and after the event tweet the pictures and a wrap-up/thank you.
  • You can create campaigns to promote specific tweets or even promote entire accounts
  • Create multiple Twitter lists to organize customers, followers, competitors, etc.          hashtag

CRM With Twitter

  • Attempt to answer questions and solve problems tweeted by customers
  • Constantly keep people up to date
  • Tweet about customers or even retweet them to make them feel appreciated
  • Always be sure to thank customers and followers on Twitter whenever necessary         @

Put these steps into practice and you will be able to maximize everything that Twitter has to offer businesses!


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