What is Pinterest? And How do I use it for Business?

What is Pinterest?

  • It is currently the fastest growing social networking site.
  • Pinterest is a virtual pin board, in other words a place where people can pin interesting material, ideas, pictures, videos, promotions, etc.
  • One “pin” is an individual post on Pinterest, usually an image
  • A pin board is a collection of pins, these boards are usually divided into different topics or themes. Each pin then relates back to the subject of that board.
  • Users can follow individual boards or other users.
  • Re-pinning is basically sharing someone else’s pin to your pin board, this helps users to create connections and to diversify their content.
  • Each pin can create a link back to it’s original source
  • The most popular information for Pinterest users is new creative ideas and DIY (do it yourself) projects.
  • Also, the largest market of Pinterest users are female                                 download

How do I use Pinterest for Business?

There are important steps to take on and off of the Pinterest page to create a following and generate business.

  1. On page                               Pinterest-begeek-wallpaper
  • To create a Pinterest business account, go to https://business.pinterest.com/en and click “join as a business”
  • To maximize the “about” page use about 160 characters and strong keywords throughout.
  • Pinterest can be used for business-to-customer companies, as well as Business-to-business.
  • Create interesting content, do not just promote yourself or your product/service, most Pinterest users are there to learn something new and to be entertained.
  • Use #hashtags to join in/start discussions on subjects and to make your content more search-friendly.
  • A business Pinterest page should showcase the personality of the company, as well as the lifestyle and brand you are attempting to promote.
  • Try running contests and focus groups to bring attention to your pages and receive feedback from followers.
  • create several pin boards each related differently to your business and/or the lifestyle of the business.

2. Off page

  • Add Pinterest follow buttons to your company website (along with the other social media buttons).
  • Promote your Pinterest presence through other social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn).
  • Add Pin it buttons to content on all of your websites and social media posts to make it easy for followers to share your content everywhere (one click).
  • Follow users that you wish to have follow you back, create conversations with them by commenting on their pins, re-pinning their content and of course, liking their pins.               pib-button

Put these steps into action to increase your online presence and generate new leads/customers!


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