5 Recommended Articles on YouTube for Business

YouTube is the largest video sharing website in the world, and young people are watching online videos more than TV these days, so companies need to capitalize on this opportunity to grow their business and build their brand. Below are 5 articles with great tips on different aspects of using YouTube for Business.

1. Sprout Social                                sprout

This article focuses heavily on how to physically set up your YouTube business account.

  • You can create your YouTube account through Google + if you already have it
  • Your profile picture will be the same as the one from Google+
  • Under the About tab, use keywords to describe your brand, add links to other social media sites, and add related YouTube channels
  • Use the video manager to manage all of your content, as well as live streaming events and to create playlists
  • Use the offered analytics to see demographics, traffic, and audience retention.


2. Social Media Today                         socialmediatoday

This article relates to the benefits of online advertising, tips for using YouTube, and several examples of YouTube video advertising. Some of the benefits listed are:

  • High percentages of audiences are known to interact with videos, and browse through the ads.
  • Click through rates are always higher for videos than the text, banner, and image ads.
  • viewers watch video ads
  • The video ads can target specific demographics.
  • Saves time and money for advertisers


3. The Sales Lion                sales lion

This piece’s main focus is basic YouTube tips for small business owners, the tips include:

  • Any video creation is good, even if it seems like it isn’t affecting your business, it still sets you apart from competition that is not using YouTube
  • Demonstrate the things that set your product/business apart
  • Talk to your audience, have an introduction video to talk directly to your audience, inform them who you are, and thank them for their interest.
  • Create how-to videos about your product, people want to be educated.
  • Add customer testimonial videos (if possible)


4. Udemy Blog               udemy

This article offers the top 10 strategies and best practices for YouTube Business.

  • Think of YouTube as a tool, not a definite source of growth or income
  • Create content, not ads, do not always ficus on selling but rather informing and entertaining
  • Become the face of your brand, YouTube viewers want to connect a brand with a real person.
  • Continue making content even if you do not receive any views/likes/comments at first
  • The new channel design is made for businesses so take advantage of that
  • Include links to your website to get more traffic
  • Utilize Google Adwords to promote videos on YouTube
  • Collaborate with well-known YouTube users that match your target audience
  • Leverage YouTube for SEO, YouTube videos tend to rank higher than blog posts
  • Finally, include a meaningful call to action in videos


5. Weare Grow           youtube

The article on Weare Grow offers 8 massive benefits of YouTube for Business

  • YouTube creates an incredible amount of traffic, so try to tap into it
  • Since YouTube and Google are teamed up, Being on YouTube helps you get found on Google
  • YouTube makes it easy to re-purpose content you have already made (very inexpensively)
  • It is possible to grow a global audience with people from around the world
  • Growing your email list through YouTube is another major benefits, subscriptions can be embedded in videos
  • If you relate to an audience on a personal, emotional level, they will not only promote you, but most likely buy from you too
  • Using Adsense for video can earn you some money from YouTube!


Click the links to view the full articles and to get more in-depth tips!


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