How Businesses are Using Google+

Google+ is quickly becoming one of the biggest competitors in the social media world, not just for individuals but for businesses as well. Below are five examples of businesses and how they are using Google+.

1. Target                                               googleplus

  • Target is taking advantage of the fact that the big cover photo and the profile picture are the first thing visitors see, the pictures go together, help to further establish Target’s brand, as well as appear inviting to the eye.
  • Google+ is certainly not Target’s most active social media platform (with many large gaps between posts) however they made a page to be sure that Google can find them even easier.
  • Every post is meaningful and purposeful in promoting new clothing lines, accessories, products, etc.

2. Taco Bell                       taco bell

  • Taco Bell has an excellent About page, it includes all of their many links, including links to their website, their YouTube, and all of their social media making it easy to find and further connect with them.
  • Since Google+ comes with a photo editor, Taco Bell posts many more photos than videos, and they are fairly active when it comes to the frequency of posts
  • All of their posts are very inviting with pictures of food (particularly new or popular items), their posts also are used to promote their mobile app and the other companies they have teamed up with (Doritos, Snapple, etc).

3. Lowe’s              lowes

  • Lowe’s Google+ page takes the viewer directly to the YouTube tab, this is because they are focusing more heavily on videos
  • This is convenient because Google+ and YouTube are teamed up and they directly connect to one another.
  • Most of the videos aren’t ads, but rather how-to’s and employee testimonials, this type of video fits well with Lowe’s because it strengthens their brand (“Let’s build something together”)
  • Lowe’s has also created a page for their community called Geek Your Home, this is dedicated purely to new technologies for your home and the best ways to implement them.

4. Sears                sears

  • Over 17,000 people have Sears in their circles on Google+, and Sears has 49 people in their circles
  • Sears put 49 of their followers into their circles, this makes them appear personable, customer-based, and adds a personal touch for those few people.
  • Sears has taken advantage of people’s want to see photos over any other content, for every 2-3 promotional photos, they include a friendly relatable photo (St. Patrick’s Day, March Madness, etc.)

5. Firestone        firestone

  • Although Firestone does not have many followers they are still utilizing Google+ correctly and making the most out of it by being extremely active.
  • They post nearly on a daily basis
  • They use their cover photo to advertise their mobile app, since it is the first thing people see
  • Firestone posts a lot of photos, but along with those are a lot of links to their website, to related materials, blogs, contests, etc.

These companies are all of varying size and impact, but each one uses Google+ features to grow their business and get found more easily. Follow in their footsteps and you can do the same!


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