5 Important Blogs on LinkedIn Company Pages

The first thing that you would want to know when learning about LinkedIn company pages is how to set one up. I chose this first blog post because it takes you through the steps of actually setting up your company page                  how

  • Start by adding your company and filling out as much of the profile that you can. This includes company name, description, address, phone number, company type, links to your website, and more.
  • Make sure all of your employees and co workers link from their personal page to you company page.
  • Keep your page up-to-date by giving employees access to make changes to the company page.
  • Use LinkedIn as a promoter for your other social media as well.


After setting up your page, you will need to know how to improve it and make it useful, which is what this blog post covers.                 linkedin

  • Make sure your content solves a problem for your  audience
  • Use images/videos to catch attention
  • Make updates short and sweet to encourage click-through’s
  • Engage your audience by asking and answering questions
  • Reveal your company culture and brand
  • Add a follow us (LinkedIn) button to your company website


Not only do you want to know what you should do, but also what you shouldn’t do, This post explains how using LinkedIn incorrectly can be a waste of time and resources.        do's and don'ts

  • Do not post during the work day because most LinkedIn traffic comes before and after work hours.
  • Avoid posting updates for the sake of posting updates, keep a goal of getting likes and shares in mind
  • Do not just post an update, but have your team share and like the updates so their connections may also see it.
  • Do not post content without first creating a plan and goals for that content


Another step to having a LinkedIn company page is really maximizing its value to your company. This SalesForce blog post has 7 tips to unlocking that value.         unlock

  • Set up the page
  • Post content regularly
  • Target your posts by industry or location
  • Increase the reach of your posts
  • Get insights on your followers
  • Drive inbound links
  • Finally, engage your audience


Finally, now that you know the basics, and the do’s/dont’s all you need is to increase your followers and viewership, this post offers 5 tips to growing LinkedIn followers.          infollow

  • Add a LinkedIn widget to your website that directs people to your company page and encourages them to follow.
  • Optimize your page with keywords, news, and targeted content
  • (Again) Engage with your audience
  • take advantage of LinkedIn “groups”
  • Also, make sure to follow your client’s pages, in hopes that they follow yours.


These blog posts cover all aspects of the importance of company LinkedIn pages, click through the links to get the full scoop!


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