How to Create, Use, and Optimize Your Personal LinkedIn Page

Creating a Personal LinkedIn Page

Below are the very basic first steps to actually creating your LinkedIn personal page.

  1. Name and Photo- use a professional head-shot profile picture and use your real full first and last name
  2. Use a professional headline because it appears often when people search for you
  3. Add custom links to your other websites
  4. Fully fill in the blanks including summary, experience, all education, contact preferences
  5. Add as many options as possible to the skills and expertise section
  6. Keep your profile active with status updates and being involved in LinkedIn groups

Sample complete profile:

sample linkedin

Using your personal LinkedIn page

This covers how to use your profile for finding jobs, networking, getting found, and so on.

  • Use keywords in your profile that you want to be found by
  • Show samples of work you have done
  • Take advantage of LinkedIn’s job boards to find a job
  • Use your profile as a resume
  • Share your LinkedIn status updates on Twitter
  • To increase networking, use the “who’s viewed your profile” tool to see what users have looked at your profile
  • Allow others to see your name and headline by adjusting your privacy settings
  • Join LinkedIn groups to make communicating easier as well as getting to know others with similar interests      groups

Improving your LinkedIn page

This includes seven ways to simply give your page a makeover from time to time to increase profile strength. In order to increase strength a profile must include (and continuously update)…

  1. Your industry and location
  2. An up-to-date current position with a professional description
  3. Two past positions
  4. All education
  5. A minimum of three skills/expertise
  6. A professional Profile picture
  7. And At least 50 connections

Optimizing your page/personal brand

This includes the best ways to maximize the results and tools available from having a LinkedIn page

  • Create a custom URL with your name in it
  • Add, remove, or rearrange sections of your profile
  • Get endorsed for skills and endorse others
  • Use keywords to describe your skills, company name, or anything you want to be found by
  • Ask for recommendations
  •  Use the “events” section to increase networking possibilities
  • Do not connect with competitors
  • Integrate LinkedIn with your other personal social media pages/personal website
  • Post interesting content, do not constantly sell yourself or your services, this helps you to stand out among the pack


All of these tips should help you set up, properly use, constantly improve, and optimize your personal LinkedIn page. Put them into practice and click the above links to see more details!


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