Recommended Tools for sCRM

What is sCRM? It stands for social customer relationship management, which is is use of social media services, techniques and technology to enable organizations to engage with their customers. There are five recommended tools that businesses should use to start taking advantage of this process.

1. Batchbook              batchbook

  • Used for small business CRM
  • For each contact you can create tags that help group together related contacts and make contact lists
  • Contact activities are a one page summary of everything that is happening with that contact
  • Can see contacts Facebook or Twitter to see what they are talking about, or what they are up to
  • To-Do’s help manage workflow by sending email or calendar reminders
  • Sales Pipeline feature allows you to keep track of all deals from start to finish
  • Can collaborate across teams
  • Mobile capabilities

2. Nimble           nimble

  • Nimble tracks the complete history you and your contact share on every channel
  • Analyzes shared interests to you why your contact is important and relevant to you
  • Categorize or segment groups of contacts with tags and saved searches
  • Relationship platform powered by context
  • Contact management system is built to empower social media engagement

3. BlueCamroo           BlueCamroo      

  • Help find new sales opportunities by using the social scout feature to search for keywords on social media
  • View and share social updates within BlueCamroo (all team members)
  • Allows you to listen to “buzz” around your company to address potential problems/complaints about your products or services.
  • Save relevant messages to your customer records and create tasks, events, or cases, based on those messages

4. Insightly      insightly    

  • CRM for small businesses some features include:
  • Lead/contact management
  • Automatic address book
  • Custom fields and filters
  • File sharing
  • Mass email
  • Flexible calendaring and events
  • Tags, notifications, and following

5. GreenRope         greenrope

  • Offers complete marketing automation, ties into your storefront, analytics, and forms
  • Instant feedback from email and mobile
  • Can identify the leads and customers that have the greatest value to you with the customizeable lead scoring system
  • Keep track of client payments
  • Track the activity on your  company website from anyone in your CRM
  • Phone integration within your CRM including click-to-call, inbound call handling, SMS texting, and more
  • Use predictive analytics to predict who will take action next and purchase from you

In order to build relationships, manage, and engage your customers and leads, look into these five helpful tools to see which best suits your CRM needs!


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