How Retailers are Using Social Media

Different types of businesses use social media in different ways and for different reasons, so how are retailers effectively using social media?

1. Best Buy    best buy

  • Best Buy uses all of the major social media platforms
  • Their main focus seems to be friendliness and service, many sources claim Best Buy to be one of the best at correcting customer issues/complaints via social media
  • They have taken a very visual approach, posting almost exclusively photos and videos
  • The majority of their posts are the same from site to site
  • Most posts are for sales and only a few interesting or entertaining posts

2. TJ. Maxx         tj maxx

  • TJ. Maxx is on all major social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram)
  • They post at least once a day to all platforms
  • All of their posts are not direct sales posts but rather pictures of ideas/opportunities that people can do with their products, without any prices.
  • However, each post includes a link to their website if you do want to purchase the items.
  • A rating/ comment section is included on their Facebook showing positive and negative feedback.

3. Hot Topic       hot topic

  • As a store based around young people’s trends, naturally they are on all social media channels
  • Approximately half of Hot Topic’s posts are sales posts and the other half is modern pop culture posts and entertainment (I.e. the new Star Wars Trailer is posted, and pictures of bands, etc.)
  • All posts are visual, no text-only posts all pictures and videos, most of which have links to their website attached

4. Costco      costco

  • Costco is on all major social media platforms
  • One problem is that their official Twitter page has been active since January 2013 and yet there have been no posts, on all other platforms they post several times a day
  • They utilize contests solely on social media almost on a weekly basis
  • There are some posts directed for sales, and many interesting articles posted on Facebook and Twitter (mostly articles about their business).

5. Toys “R” Us          toyr r us

  • Toys R Us is focused on selling to parents of young kids (because their demographic is not typically on social media yet).
  • Their posts go with trends that are happening with young people (right now many posts include Star Wars and superheroes)
  • Posts including promotions and coupons are common
  • However there are a fair amount of entertainment-based posts that are not for selling (Happy Easter, first day of spring, etc.)
  • They post often, but not daily on all social media, almost all quick, to-the-point, visual posts

There are many similarities within all of these retailers’ social media accounts but the slight differences are what helps to set them apart, take advantage of all of the tools and ideas other retailers are using to get yourself started!


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