The Restaurant Approach to Social Media

Below is a list of five different types of restaurants and their approaches to different types of social media for their businesses.

1. Steak N Shake    steak n shake

  • Steak N Shake uses social media as a tool for promoting new menu items, as well as highlighting existing items
  • They post mostly appetizing pictures and a few videos daily
  • They also have celebrity endorsement on their page from Indy car racer Graham Rahal
  • Steak N Shake also promotes new services such as online ordering, and their online store
  • Also they try to fit the trends of healthy eating by posting picture of their new salads

2. Buffalo Wild Wings        b dubs

  • Buffalo Wild Wings is using all types of social media to reach a male demographic
  • As a sports bar, they post several times a day about sports (basketball and hockey), wings, and beer
  • They post many promotions such as wing Tuesday, beer of the month, fast break lunch, etc.
  • Facebook and Instagram are almost all pictures, whereas on Twitter there are about 1/4 text-only posts

3. Five Guys     five guys'

  • Five Guys’ social media strategy focuses on customer service and their employees, nearly every week posting pictures of their employees and celebrating them.
  • They also utilize a contest on Facebook and Twitter called Five Guys Games for their social media followers, they give away several cars a year as prizes
  • Pinterest is utilized as a place for pictures of their menu items as well as articles on their restaurants and recipe ideas.

4. Hardees      hardees

  • As a fast food restaurant, Hardees does not focus as heavily on customer service or quality of their food, but rather their image and target demographic.
  • Hardees has been known for targeting a male audience and that is seen on their social media pages
  • They also use social media as a platform for finding employees with want-ads and now hiring posts with links to their hiring website
  • Hardees takes advantage of the cover photo and profile picture to emphasize their brand and their newest product
  • They also have a promotion on Twitter and Facebook in which people submit videos of themselves trying their new product ( that is very spicy) for entertainment purposes.

5. Balducci’s     balduccis

  • As opposed to the above restaurants, Balducci’s pizza is a small local St. Louis restaurant
  • Since they are such a small, one location, place, the only social media they are utilizing is Facebook
  • They are using it to promote new menu items, share pictures of the menu, and to create conversations with followers.
  • There an equal amount of sales posts and conversational posts
  • They are attempting to create a “family style” friendly brand for their restaurant through the use of Facebook (but should at the very least make a Twitter page too).

Different types of restaurants (fast food, franchise, sports bar, local, etc) have different social media needs and uses. With this information try to find the strategy that best works for you!


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