How Businesses are Using Google+

Google+ is quickly becoming one of the biggest competitors in the social media world, not just for individuals but for businesses as well. Below are five examples of businesses and how they are using Google+.

1. Target                                               googleplus

  • Target is taking advantage of the fact that the big cover photo and the profile picture are the first thing visitors see, the pictures go together, help to further establish Target’s brand, as well as appear inviting to the eye.
  • Google+ is certainly not Target’s most active social media platform (with many large gaps between posts) however they made a page to be sure that Google can find them even easier.
  • Every post is meaningful and purposeful in promoting new clothing lines, accessories, products, etc.

2. Taco Bell                       taco bell

  • Taco Bell has an excellent About page, it includes all of their many links, including links to their website, their YouTube, and all of their social media making it easy to find and further connect with them.
  • Since Google+ comes with a photo editor, Taco Bell posts many more photos than videos, and they are fairly active when it comes to the frequency of posts
  • All of their posts are very inviting with pictures of food (particularly new or popular items), their posts also are used to promote their mobile app and the other companies they have teamed up with (Doritos, Snapple, etc).

3. Lowe’s              lowes

  • Lowe’s Google+ page takes the viewer directly to the YouTube tab, this is because they are focusing more heavily on videos
  • This is convenient because Google+ and YouTube are teamed up and they directly connect to one another.
  • Most of the videos aren’t ads, but rather how-to’s and employee testimonials, this type of video fits well with Lowe’s because it strengthens their brand (“Let’s build something together”)
  • Lowe’s has also created a page for their community called Geek Your Home, this is dedicated purely to new technologies for your home and the best ways to implement them.

4. Sears                sears

  • Over 17,000 people have Sears in their circles on Google+, and Sears has 49 people in their circles
  • Sears put 49 of their followers into their circles, this makes them appear personable, customer-based, and adds a personal touch for those few people.
  • Sears has taken advantage of people’s want to see photos over any other content, for every 2-3 promotional photos, they include a friendly relatable photo (St. Patrick’s Day, March Madness, etc.)

5. Firestone        firestone

  • Although Firestone does not have many followers they are still utilizing Google+ correctly and making the most out of it by being extremely active.
  • They post nearly on a daily basis
  • They use their cover photo to advertise their mobile app, since it is the first thing people see
  • Firestone posts a lot of photos, but along with those are a lot of links to their website, to related materials, blogs, contests, etc.

These companies are all of varying size and impact, but each one uses Google+ features to grow their business and get found more easily. Follow in their footsteps and you can do the same!


5 Recommended Articles on YouTube for Business

YouTube is the largest video sharing website in the world, and young people are watching online videos more than TV these days, so companies need to capitalize on this opportunity to grow their business and build their brand. Below are 5 articles with great tips on different aspects of using YouTube for Business.

1. Sprout Social                                sprout

This article focuses heavily on how to physically set up your YouTube business account.

  • You can create your YouTube account through Google + if you already have it
  • Your profile picture will be the same as the one from Google+
  • Under the About tab, use keywords to describe your brand, add links to other social media sites, and add related YouTube channels
  • Use the video manager to manage all of your content, as well as live streaming events and to create playlists
  • Use the offered analytics to see demographics, traffic, and audience retention.

2. Social Media Today                         socialmediatoday

This article relates to the benefits of online advertising, tips for using YouTube, and several examples of YouTube video advertising. Some of the benefits listed are:

  • High percentages of audiences are known to interact with videos, and browse through the ads.
  • Click through rates are always higher for videos than the text, banner, and image ads.
  • viewers watch video ads
  • The video ads can target specific demographics.
  • Saves time and money for advertisers

3. The Sales Lion                sales lion

This piece’s main focus is basic YouTube tips for small business owners, the tips include:

  • Any video creation is good, even if it seems like it isn’t affecting your business, it still sets you apart from competition that is not using YouTube
  • Demonstrate the things that set your product/business apart
  • Talk to your audience, have an introduction video to talk directly to your audience, inform them who you are, and thank them for their interest.
  • Create how-to videos about your product, people want to be educated.
  • Add customer testimonial videos (if possible)

4. Udemy Blog               udemy

This article offers the top 10 strategies and best practices for YouTube Business.

  • Think of YouTube as a tool, not a definite source of growth or income
  • Create content, not ads, do not always ficus on selling but rather informing and entertaining
  • Become the face of your brand, YouTube viewers want to connect a brand with a real person.
  • Continue making content even if you do not receive any views/likes/comments at first
  • The new channel design is made for businesses so take advantage of that
  • Include links to your website to get more traffic
  • Utilize Google Adwords to promote videos on YouTube
  • Collaborate with well-known YouTube users that match your target audience
  • Leverage YouTube for SEO, YouTube videos tend to rank higher than blog posts
  • Finally, include a meaningful call to action in videos

5. Weare Grow           youtube

The article on Weare Grow offers 8 massive benefits of YouTube for Business

  • YouTube creates an incredible amount of traffic, so try to tap into it
  • Since YouTube and Google are teamed up, Being on YouTube helps you get found on Google
  • YouTube makes it easy to re-purpose content you have already made (very inexpensively)
  • It is possible to grow a global audience with people from around the world
  • Growing your email list through YouTube is another major benefits, subscriptions can be embedded in videos
  • If you relate to an audience on a personal, emotional level, they will not only promote you, but most likely buy from you too
  • Using Adsense for video can earn you some money from YouTube!

Click the links to view the full articles and to get more in-depth tips!

How to Properly use Twitter for Business

Twitter is one of the biggest, fastest growing social media sites in the world, it is a platform for real-time “micro-blogs” consisting of 140 characters or less, making it quick and easy to use. But, how can it be used for business and marketing?

Customizing your Twitter Page

  • Make sure the header of your page catches the visitor’s eye, and that it matches the image/personality of the company.
  • When filling out the bio, make sure to use strong and clear language as well as good keywords.
  • Make sure to create a call to action and a link to your company website.
  • Take advantage of the profile picture being the first thing people see, as well as it taking up a lot of room, make it effective and associated with the business.
  • Create a custom background that includes branding images and logos, as well as key information such as phone number, Facebook page, promos, etc.                                          twitter

Twitter Best Practices

  • Always follow important influencers and customers, as well as people who tweet your content. (also retweet these people when appropriate).
  • Write approximately 20 tweets or more per day
  • Do not  make all tweets about business, be mostly friendly and conversational, also try to make posts shareable.
  • Follow the 4-1-1 rule of four pieces of content from others, 1 relevant retweet, and one self-serving tweet.
  •  Try to create discussions and conversations by commenting and replying to tweets directed to you, or tweets that are relevant to you.
  • Favorite and bookmark important tweets to save them                         twitter-favorite

Using Twitter to Promote 

  • Include links in your tweets, link to your blog posts, or YouTube videos, as well as to your other social media platforms (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc).
  • Create premium content and link to it on Twitter
  • Utilize Twitter to promote events, create a hashtag for the event, ask others to tweet it during the event. Also create a tweet schedule to drive attendance, and after the event tweet the pictures and a wrap-up/thank you.
  • You can create campaigns to promote specific tweets or even promote entire accounts
  • Create multiple Twitter lists to organize customers, followers, competitors, etc.          hashtag

CRM With Twitter

  • Attempt to answer questions and solve problems tweeted by customers
  • Constantly keep people up to date
  • Tweet about customers or even retweet them to make them feel appreciated
  • Always be sure to thank customers and followers on Twitter whenever necessary         @

Put these steps into practice and you will be able to maximize everything that Twitter has to offer businesses!

5 Recommended Tools for Twitter Use

There are many tools and services available to help maximize your Twitter page, your brand, and your online presence.

The first of these is

1.                              bitly95_616

  • allows you to shorten your links and URL, making them more pleasing to the eye and more clickable.
  • Also, it allows you to share links to multiple Twitter accounts at the same time, which saves time and creates continuity.
  • You can also see stats on any links that you share through your dashboard, this way you can see what works, and what doesn’t.
  • Not only will it show you stats, but also stats from other applications like Tweetdeck, Twitterfeed, and Seesmic.
  • Also, you can create a short custom domain to match your brand

2. CoTweet                                            cotweet

  • CoTweet allows a company to engage, analyze, and track conversations about their brand.
  • Allows you to collaborate with multiple users
  • Can help you track clicks and give several other analytics
  • You can also schedule tweets, and keep conversation history
  • Under the full version, you can integrate with a workforce, allows advanced user roles, you can form work groups, and receive full analytics
  • Also, CoTweet can help you manage multiple Twitter accounts at the same time.


  • This is an application for Twitter that allows you to collect tweets and curate them into a newspaper style format
  • The “newspaper” can then be shared daily on your twitter account.
  • If followers see that they could be featured daily on the newspaper, they are more likely to create tweets about your company or brand.
  • You can choose the tweets you feature by top tweets, specific Twitter lists, or even by a specific hashtag that is appropriate to your brand.
  • People greatly appreciate and enjoy being personally mentioned by a company they follow on Twitter, this creates excitement and a want to check your page daily.

4. Riffle                                              riffle

  • This tool allows you to get data and analytics from any Twitter user.
  • Riffle allows you to understand your Twitter community, what people like or dislike, and can help make Twitter relationships more meaningful.
  • Also, it can help with gaining a competitive advantage over competition. By being able to see analytics from competitors twitter pages, you can see what makes their page popular, or what people like about it.

5. SocialRank                    socialranl

  • SocialRank is a tool that allows Twitter users to better understand their followers
  • It takes data from your followers to let you generate lists of your followers based on different criteria
  • It can rank by most valuable follower, most engaged, best follower, most followed, etc.
  • You can create and save multiple lists of followers all based on what information you need to know.

Click the links to find many more useful tools to help build your Twitter presence! Happy Tweeting!

What is Pinterest? And How do I use it for Business?

What is Pinterest?

  • It is currently the fastest growing social networking site.
  • Pinterest is a virtual pin board, in other words a place where people can pin interesting material, ideas, pictures, videos, promotions, etc.
  • One “pin” is an individual post on Pinterest, usually an image
  • A pin board is a collection of pins, these boards are usually divided into different topics or themes. Each pin then relates back to the subject of that board.
  • Users can follow individual boards or other users.
  • Re-pinning is basically sharing someone else’s pin to your pin board, this helps users to create connections and to diversify their content.
  • Each pin can create a link back to it’s original source
  • The most popular information for Pinterest users is new creative ideas and DIY (do it yourself) projects.
  • Also, the largest market of Pinterest users are female                                 download

How do I use Pinterest for Business?

There are important steps to take on and off of the Pinterest page to create a following and generate business.

  1. On page                               Pinterest-begeek-wallpaper
  • To create a Pinterest business account, go to and click “join as a business”
  • To maximize the “about” page use about 160 characters and strong keywords throughout.
  • Pinterest can be used for business-to-customer companies, as well as Business-to-business.
  • Create interesting content, do not just promote yourself or your product/service, most Pinterest users are there to learn something new and to be entertained.
  • Use #hashtags to join in/start discussions on subjects and to make your content more search-friendly.
  • A business Pinterest page should showcase the personality of the company, as well as the lifestyle and brand you are attempting to promote.
  • Try running contests and focus groups to bring attention to your pages and receive feedback from followers.
  • create several pin boards each related differently to your business and/or the lifestyle of the business.

2. Off page

  • Add Pinterest follow buttons to your company website (along with the other social media buttons).
  • Promote your Pinterest presence through other social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn).
  • Add Pin it buttons to content on all of your websites and social media posts to make it easy for followers to share your content everywhere (one click).
  • Follow users that you wish to have follow you back, create conversations with them by commenting on their pins, re-pinning their content and of course, liking their pins.               pib-button

Put these steps into action to increase your online presence and generate new leads/customers!

5 Recommended Articles on SEO

Article One:

This article is about optimizing your whole site, not just one page. The main points include…

  • Make the website about one thing- make sure there is one primary topic that is essential to your message
  • Mention keywords where they matter most- in the domain, title, description, tagline, etc.
  • Link to internal pages on your site
  • Use URL structure links that include text and keywords
  • Always use keywords on image descriptions
  • Link to other websites (as long as they have relevant content)
  • Update your website frequently with new content
  • Make sure your website is indexed in search engines (especially Google, Yahoo, and Bing)
  • Do not continuously change your domain name
  • and write like a human, make content user friendly and relatable


Article Two:

This article focuses more on on-page SEO, it has several important points including…

  • Keywords are important, but not verbatim- search engines bring up not only exact keyword matches, but also close variations on keywords\
  • URL Structure should be short, descriptive, and help categorize your website
  • Optimize page titles with keywords and title tags
  • Increase site speed- speed is a major ranking factor because it relies heavily on the user’s experience
  • Try to have a HTTPS instead of HTTP, people are looking for more secure sites, and it helps your page get ranked higher
  • Be mobile friendly- about 40% of organic traffic comes from mobile devices.


Article Three:

This article from Forbes is the top seven SEO trends of 2014, those trends include…

  • There is a rise in importance for Google authorship- Google uses a form of author rank which ranks in- depth articles
  • Social media is playing a major role in website traffic referrals
  • Content marketing is becoming the new SEO- content is becoming more important than just having an SEO strategy
  • Guest blogging has become more about content and building an audience than getting exposure, links, branding, etc.
  • SEO is also becoming more expensive as getting ranked gets harder
  • There is an increase in professional SEO firms being called in to businesses
  • Very big increase in demand for SEO services as competition and SEO importance increases


Article Four:

As opposed to telling people what they should do for good SEO, this article is what NOT to do for SEO some of those things include…

  • Stop trying to get easy links, it is more important to build relationships with bloggers and audiences
  • If you want to do a press release, you need to do something newsworthy and good- just getting your name out there isn’t enough
  • Do not use link exchanges/reciprocal linking, all this achieves is getting cheap, useless links
  • Do not lose your voice through automation- don’t make it seem like you HAVE to be social, but that you WANT to
  • Do not ignore website design- a useful, friendly, good-looking site will rank higher on SEO


Article Five:

This article is focused on the very basics of SEO, these examples of the basics are…

  • Your website is like a cake- it has many different layers and parts, with varying importance
  • Search engines are looking for content, authority, performance, and user experience
  • Search engines are NOT looking for keyword stuffing, purchased links, or poor user experience
  • Know your business model- and keep it in mind with everything you do
  • Use multi-channels- Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, email, offline, etc.
  • Stay consistent with domain names- use older domain names, and don’t change it often
  • Meta data is important too- meta data should be unique and speak to that specific page


Please click the links to get more in-depth information on SEO!